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Why Businesses Need to be Thinking of Connected & Automated Vehicles

With every challenge comes an opportunity.

With every challenge comes an opportunity.

And, if that challenge is the growing delivery services industry – made even more pronounced by COVID-19 and compounded by the mounting shortage of drivers – the opportunity is leveraging the technological advances in connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) to improve efficiency, safety and support drivers.

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In this white paper and webinar, Jacobs and Merchants Fleet came together from different perspectives to collaboratively examine new ways to improve eet operations and how CAVs will play a role in solving challenges to move goods and people.

With their origins rooted in trafc signal technology dating back to the 1960s, CAV technologies continue to evolve. While their full potential won’t be realized for some time yet, companies and agencies can take steps now to prepare for the future.

In our latest white paper, explore the technologies behind connected and automated vehicles with a look at how they’re different and why they’re better used together, plus tips to prepare ahead of their anticipated benefits for a more connected, sustainable tomorrow.

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