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Podcast: The Virality of News: Discerning Fact, Fiction, and Opinion

The Colorado Oil & Gas Association (COGA), in partnership with CH2M, is pleased to announce the newest episode of COGA’s “What Turns You On?“ podcast series – The Virality of News: Discerning Fact, Fiction, and Opinion.

In this episode of the COGA Energy Podcast, 9News Anchor and Reporter, Kyle Clark, tackles what makes the news, why it’s all about what’s getting attention, and what should be getting attention. Kyle shares his strategy on how to report emotionally charged topics, like hydraulic fracturing, and why it’s crucial not to conflate feelings and opinions into facts. He also shares his appreciation for social media, including how it’s made reporting the news more fun by allowing media consumers to connect on a whole new level.

The “What Turns You On” COGA Energy podcast series, presented by CH2M, introduces listeners to the men and women of the oil and gas industry, including information as to how oil and gas is changing the economic and national security future of the world. It also explores how COGA is engaging with its neighbors and communities, why regulations and politics matter, and how the industry’s innovation represents a new frontier.

This and other episodes are available here on iTunes.

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