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Innovation as a Service Tool Scores Impact Award Nod for Best New Initiative

Jacobs has been chosen as a finalist for Innovation Leader’s 2020 Best New Initiative Awards.

At Jacobs, we don’t just ask ‘What If?’ or ‘How Might We?’, we act to turn ideas into reality and drive value through innovation.

That’s why we’re proud to share we’ve been selected as a 2020 Impact Award finalist, from Innovation Leader. Per Innovation Leader, the Impact Awards “honor organizations that are leveraging innovation, technology, and R&D initiatives to achieve extraordinary business results. The awards presentation is part of our annual Impact gathering for corporate innovators.”

Jacobs is being recognized for its work in developing the Innovation as a Service tool tosupport organizational innovation. We’ve  trained and deployed a team of Jacobs Beyond If innovation facilitators from the U.K., U.S., Poland and Middle East to reframe problems to help develop innovative solutions; challenge teams to think differently and explore ideas; bring diverse thoughts together with a focused goal; and support development of ideas into marketable and margin-generating solutions. 

Beyond If is Jacobs’ program for instilling and sustaining our innovation culture. It is about educating, equipping, and empowering everyone in Jacobs to challenge the status quo, and reframe the problem to get to the heart of our clients’ biggest challenges. Discover more about Beyond If and how we challenge the acceptedon

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