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6 Simple Ways to Go Plastic Free July, Even From Home

We invite you to take part in Plastic Free July - the global movement that aims to raise awareness of our growing plastic waste problem by encouraging people to avoid single-use plastics.

Did you know 50% of plastic is used once and thrown away?

Single-use (disposable) plastics (SUPs) never break-down; they break-up into tiny pieces and become a permanent pollution issue. SUPs also have a low rate of recycling and are sent to landfill. The consequences of this can mean that they end up in waterways and oceans and transferred into our food chain, carrying pollutants with them.

We invite you to take part in Plastic Free July - the global movement that aims to raise awareness of our growing plastic waste problem by encouraging people to avoid SUPs.

Like most of 2020’s events and activities, this year’s Plastic Free July is going to be a bit more challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, as Zero Waste Chef Anne Marie Bonneau says, ““We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.”

With that poignant charge in mind, here are six simple actions you can take, even in the current environment, to reduce your use of SUPs:

  1. BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

Every year, the world uses one trillion plastic bags, which equates to two million bags per minute. By having reusable bags easily on-hand, you will be more likely to remember to use them. Keep a reusable bag on the back of your front door, in your car, or in your bag to take part in this easy trick.

  1. Try out bamboo

Did you know that every toothbrush you've ever used is still on this planet? Swap out your plastic toothbrush for bamboo with biodegradable bristles.

  1. Start learning early

Get your kids involved by reading to them about plastic pollution. Here’s some great reads: “Somebody Swallowed Stanley”, “Let's Investigate: Plastic Pollution”, “Flotsam”, “Captain Green and the Plastic Scene.”

  1. Build a brick (ecobrick that is)

Some plastics are both unavoidable and unrecyclable. Here's an idea to prevent your plastic from going into landfill: build an ecobrick. An ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed with used soft SUPs and once compacted and filled, they can be used as building blocks.Find out how to make your own ecobrick – a perfect, creative at-home activity!

  1. Go plogging

Introducing plogging – jogging to collect plastic litter!

Yes, this is actually a thing! It all started in Sweden in 2016 and simply involves a combination of jogging with picking up litter. Take part in this quick and fun way to clean up plastic litter in your area – and get a little fresh air!

  1. Take the Pesky Plastic Challenge

Calculate your plastic footprint using an online calculator. These audits give you insight into how much plastic you currently purchase and consume so you can effectively reduce your plastic consumption and do your part to make a lasting difference.


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