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Tracy Thompson

Managing Director

Tracy Thompson is a licensed attorney in Texas and has 21 years of experience in airport management and business planning, airport development planning and implementation, airline affairs and rates and charges, terminal management, and non-aviation airport real estate development. She joined LeighFisher in 2004, and is leader of our commercial development and concessions practice. Tracy is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Prior to joining LeighFisher, she was Vice President of the Real Estate Department at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, a position she held for 10 years.

Tracy recently assisted Philadelphia International Airport and is currently assisting the operators of Little Rock National and Wichita Mid-Continent airports with business strategy and renegotiation of their airline use and lease agreements.  Her responsibilities include developing rates and charges methodologies, terminal leasing programs, use and lease agreement provisions, ordinance and resolution provisions, and direct negotiation with the airline representatives on behalf of her airport clients.  She also assists airports in the business and legal strategies related to all airport contracts and development programs, including public-private development programs.

In addition, Tracy is assisting many airport operators with development of enhanced revenue generating programs.  For several airport clients, including those in Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, and San Diego (Brown Field), she has assisted with development of comprehensive commercial development land use plans for both aviation and retail/commercial uses.  For the Baton Rouge Metropolitan and DuPage airports, she is assisting in the conversion of noise lands to airport development lands.  Tracy has assisted the State of Hawaii in the creation of the rental car program for all airports in the State and is currently working with Salt Lake City International, Tulsa International and Little Rock Municipal airports in the creation of a new business strategy and renegotiation of the rental car pro­gram for new rental car facilities, including the creation and implementation of customer facility charge programs.

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