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Bruce Boudreau


Bruce Boudreau has 38 years of experience in airport concession planning and management and airport business planning. His experience includes a wide range of domestic and international consulting projects and senior airport management experience at large-hub airports.

Bruce is currently assisting Los Angeles International Airport with concession planning and implementation of a new concession program for the airport and its nine terminals.  The work includes developing direct-leasing packages for four terminals—which are now in the final award stage—and preparing a business strategy and contracting documents for selecting developers for two sets of terminals.  The developer agreement will provide for new investment on the part of the developers, and potential credits for investment made at the request of the airport.  His work at the airport also included preparing a concession space program for the expansion of the Tom Bradley International Terminal; he also is the lead concession planner for the design team, led by Fentress Architects.

Bruce also prepared a concession plan for San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal 2, an older terminal that had been vacant and serves as the new home for Virgin America and American Airlines.  The concession plan, which incorporates an innovative flow-through design and mixed seating areas for concessions and the 14 departure gates, became the conceptual plan given to architects on the design/build team to use for design development.  He recently assisted the Airport Commission with the evaluation of proposals for the food and beverage and retail opportunities in the new terminal.

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